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About Me and Computers

My experience with computers started with a Tandy 1000 and a children’s introductory BASIC programming book from the library. I got hooked on tinkering with GWBasic, and soon the Tandy BASIC quick reference booklet was all I needed. I had access to a TRS-80 Model 100, so even on long car rides I could find novel ways to toggle pixels. BASIC was my mainstay for a long time. When the family got a 486 PC I discovered QBasic. I got deeper into QB and began toying with Visual Basic into high school. I experimented with assembly programming on my TI calculator using a hacked ROM.

I went on to UMR, majoring in computer engineering. The computer engineering program included a fair share of computer science courses, and soon it was clear that software development was where I wanted to be. I double-majored in computer science and eventually went for the CS Masters. I wrote assembly code and C for micro-controllers, I learned C++ and object-oriented programming, and I even got a taste of some hardware description languages. With several programming languages under my belt I found it easy to learn more, and I’ve since picked up a wide variety. Some technologies I’ve picked up out of curiosity, like Python and JavaScript, and some I’ve learned out of necessity, like C# and Java. I have my favorites, and I’m better with some than others, but I don’t feel bound to any particular language. I have broad competence in working with software, and whatever I need to know to get a job done, I’ll learn.